Hailsham Gospel Mission

Diary dates


January – February 2024




Time together

2nd and 4th


each month

 14.00- 16.00.

Tabletop games & crafts, with tea, coffee and cakes……NEXT Dates are…

11th and 25th Jan, & 8th and 22nd Feb.

8th of FEB will be with Pancakes!! J, please come and join us.

Warm space



& Fridays

10.00 – 12.30


A warm, comfortable & friendly space for folk to Drop in ….Please NOTE Times



Times of Prayer

All welcome to join.

Wednesdays 11.00-12.15,


Sundays 10.00 -10.30ish


OUR next Extended times of prayer will be on: 

·        Wednesday 10th Jan 2024

·        Wednesday 7th Feb

·        Wednesday 6th March

09.30-10.45 Short break , 11.00- 12.30/13.00

House Groups


Various Times (Click here >>>)

Wed. evening 19.00-20.30 look at Jonah.

Alternate Thursday afternoons 14.00 -15.30, “Exploring Christianity.”

Friday afternoons 14.00-15.30.

Church Meeting.

Saturday 27th JAN

10.30 – 13.00

Our Church meeting is open to all who regularly attend HGM and is followed by a shared lunch for those who want to stay.  

Men’s Supper J

 Monday 12th Feb

18.00- 21.00

Men come join us for some good food and bring a friend.  (Cost 7.00 pounds).

Dear All - HNY J. Or … Happy New Year… 2024.  

Looking back at 2023 it is amazing to see what has been achieved at HGM and how God is breathing new life into our congregation and building.  Over this last year we feel God has been strengthening us and putting things in place.  In terms of the renovation of the building we have had the main meeting area, outside walls and upstairs “professionally” painted.

Church is of course much more than the building.  We are a worshipping community, called to share the truth about Jesus and be a blessing to the local community.  For 2024 we will continue our look at Luke’s Gospel and seek to strengthen our three House Groups.  An exciting development was the start of Warm Space or Tea n’ Toast.  This is great chance to welcome guests in, so please come along with a friend and have a cup of tea. God bless!

Many thanks, Dave Sweetman and Martin Brown.  

HGM Telephone Number is 07596 116763