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History of the Connexion  >>>

Supporting our communities in Sierra Leone

  • Janet O'Shea, Chair of SLM, has left the UK today for her annual trip to Sierra Leone >>>  25 May 2024
  • The Voice - Summer 2023 >>>
  • Janet O'Shea's trip to Mabang, Sierra Leone >>> 8 Sep 23
  • Janet O' Shea - Letter to Connexional churches (pdf doc) >>> 29 Sep 23

The Sierra Leone Mission (SLM) is a Christian Charity and forms part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion network of churches throughout the UK. The charity was set up to support the work of The Connexion in the West African country of Sierra Leone, and to continue the legacy of the Countess of Huntingdon.

SLM supports a wide range of projects as well as helping to provide education through Connexion schools, including funding assistance for teachers’ salaries and training.

We also give support to the work of our churches in Sierra Leone: contributing to ministers’ wages, providing funding for ministerial training, and building and maintaining churches.


Selina Countess of HuntingdonYoung members of The Connexion, Charlotte and Esther, have created an inspired recording, focusing on the history of the Countess of Huntingdon's outreach and early churches in Sierra Leone. Click here >>> to view their videos (parts 1, 2 and 3) about the origins of the mission 

Selina Countess of Huntingdon

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The Voice - Summer 2020

Welcome to the summer edition of The Voice! As usual it is packed with variety.

This issue includes a Bible Study by Dave Sweetman 'You do not get to heaven by being good!'. More >>>

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Karl Relton’s new adventure in Leicestershire

It is with some sadness that The Connexion say farewell to Karl Relton and his wife Karen from The Countess Free Church in Ely, but give thanks for the vision God is leading them to. We wish them every success for their new venture in Leicestershire and ask God to continue to bless them. More >>>

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New horizons for The Chapel at Mortimer West End

The Chapel at Mortimer West End are delighted to share the news that William McCann will be joining the eldership team with John Moate and Tony Derrett. William’s recruitment is the latest part of The Chapel’s development plan for the church leadership team, which currently includes five members. In addition, the church has an inspirational preaching team, supported by three worship teams and a number of regular guest speakers. More >>>

Janet O'Shea's trip to Mabang, Sierra Leone

Mabang is not the easiest of places to get to, but with a new bridge over the river instead of the rickety ferry, plus ongoing road improvements, the journey usually took us about 45 minutes each morning.

When we arrive, the children gather outside the school for praise and prayer. African time is very much like the Cornish word ‘dreckly’ (meaning at some point in the future; soon, but not immediately!). The start of the day is often delayed as the children saunter in, many having walked several miles. And quite often the teachers arrive later than the children! More >>>

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Prayers for Sierra Leone

2024 - New Year prayer requests from our communities in Sierra Leone >>>

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Prayers for Sierra Leone - February

Our pastors in Sierra Leone meet together on a regular basis for teaching, prayer and fellowship.  Please join them in prayer for their personal spiritual wellbeing as they seek to minister to their congregations.

Please also join Rev Amidu Koroma in his prayer requests for February >>>