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  • New Elders at HGM
  • Simon Allaby's new Book >>> 
  • HGM's new wheelchair ramps >>>
  • Mens' supper, Feb '24 >>>

 Dave and Martin (front row, middle)

New Elders at HGM.

A special Church Meeting was held at Hailsham Gospel Mission (HGM) on Saturday 23 September to appoint Dave Sweetman and Martin Brown as Elders of the church.  

Rev Simon Allaby, one of The Connexion trustees, was in attendance and conducted a short service, at the end of which the new Elders were anointed with oil, with the church family gathered round, laying hands, and praying for God’s blessing on them.

This is a very exciting next step for the church, which is full of life and vision and seeking to reach out to those around.

It is a joy to see the physical improvements to the building with lots of new decoration and the foyer being transformed into a café area.

From Thursday 5 October the church will be open every Thursday and Friday morning, providing free refreshments and a warm welcome to all who wish to come.

We pray that God will continue to bless Dave and Martin, and provide a bright new future for HGM.

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Simon Allaby’s book Greater Love is now available to order.

It has been created as a book for Remembrance Sunday and contains twelve short stories that reflect on conflict, sacrifice and where we can find true peace in God. Each story is accompanied by a simple illustration, a Bible verse and questions for reflection

 Greater LoveIn his foreword, former Royal Marines Commando, Rev Tim Saiet, writes: ‘At last an accessible book which includes faith and stories of sacrifice – a brilliant book that I will pass on to my friends’.

Ideal for both Christians and not-yet-Christians, Greater Love is an excellent resource for Remembrance Sunday Services, and also as a giveaway for churches and individuals to share with friends, family members and enquirers.

To Order

The book is priced at £1 per copy. For more information and to order visit Simon's Turn the Page Online Shop


HGM gets two new wheelchair ramps

Hailsham Gospel Mission recently received a donation of two new wheelchair ramps from Medi Tech Trust, international charity, based just off Station Road, Hailsham.

Founded in 2002, Medi Tech Trust is a UK registered charity. It is dedicated to donating medical equipment and supplies to medical institutions; arranging training courses for surgeons in low-income countries; and advancing health care education in the community.

One of Medi Tech’s founders, Bob Lewis, advertised ten wheelchair ramps which were available to local good causes in East Sussex. One of HGM’s members contacted Bob who promptly promised delivery of one of the ramps. On delivering the ramp, it was found to be difficult to use, because of the protruding door sill - prompting Bob to rush back to the office and bring a second one! They locked together beautifully. Our own Steve Houghton gave them a ‘road test’ driving his wheelchair over the ramps and declaring them eminently suitable.

Our new rampsElder, Martin Brown, wrote to Bob, thanking him for the ramps, saying “Many thanks for generously giving us the two wheel chair ramps for our main door at Hailsham Gospel Mission.   These showed that our previous one we had was quite a hazard!!   On behalf of the congregation and our wheel chair users many thanks.”

Steve - test driving the new ramps

You can read more about Medi Tech here >>>


HGM Mens' Supper - February 2024

Eleven of us met in early February for our second mens' supper at HGM. The last such event (not recorded here, sorry) was curry-themed. This one was Mexican, with tacos and chillies. Whilst greatly enjoyed by most, not everyone was a fan of mexican food, so a couple of others brought their own ready meals!   

BIG THANKS to Martin, who organises our suppers (and is also Head Chef) and to those who helped.

HGM Mens supper Feb 24